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Shipping Conditions

Welcome to the Nova Argonautica ​Online stores. ​Ordering on​ this website we assume you accept ​our​ terms and conditions. Do not continue to order if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Terms and conditions ​for ​Europe and United Kingdom:

1 - We supply our products with Flat Rate Shipping Fee to Europe and United Kingdom​ with the follow options​:
Economy: 1 - 100kg : 15 working days: 7.99€
Express: 1 - 100kg : 7 working days : 24.99€

​2- Orders are shipped​ from our Warehouses located in Spain ​or Italy

3-​ We can Ship Only Orders Over 50 euro  ​

​4- Prices of products include ​Vat

5- All Products have ​2 years of European Warranty 

6- 30 days free returns ​( Coupon with balance)

7- 30 days for returns but return its paid for customer ( Money back)