Mando Morse Ultraflex B400

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Mando Morse Ultraflex B400 para veleros, doble accion, valido para acelerar y embrague,  Control box lever, dual action: gas and inverter. Modern and essential design, free of protrusions, which makes them particularly suitable for use on sailboats. Lever and flange in stainless steel 316 for greater resistance to the marine environment. They can be mounted on the bulkhead right or left, horizontally or vertically. Equipped with adjustable clutch accessible to record the accelerator. By the safety switch X41 (optional), the starter motor is only obtained through the inverter in the neutral position. According to EN ISO 11547 with the safety switch X41. For use with all cables except C22. Cables C2, C8, MACHZero do not need adaptor. The cables C14, MACH14 need the adaptor kit K71. The cables C5, C16, MACH5 need the adaptor kit K72. The cables C36, MACH36 need the adaptor kit K73.

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