Mando Morse Doble accion Ultraflex B310B

-21% Mando Morse Doble accion Ultraflex B310B

Mando Morse Doble accion B310B, Montaje lateral, acciona el acelerador y embrague, Control box lever, dual action: gas and inverter. Suitable for any kind of boat with outboard motor, inboard, and stern-drive, makes driving easy and safe. For side wall mounting either right of left, horizontally or vertically. Equipped with clutch to regulate the throttle, adjustable from the outside. Pulling-out handle disengages the inverter during the heating operation of the engine. By the safety switch X12 (optional), the starter motor is only obtained through the inverter in the neutral position. Conforms to EN ISO 11547 with the switch X12 safety. Equipped with a locking device of the lever in the neutral position which prevents unintentional switching. Complete with a trim switch in the handle that allows the elevation adjustment foot outboard motors and stern drives. For use with all cables except C22, C36 and MACH36. Cables C5, C16 and MACH5 cables require K35 kit (Art. 42.42069).

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