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Interruptor Magnetotermico 70 Amp -15%

Interruptor Magnetotermico 70 Amp

Compra Online A MITAD DE PRECIO!! Interruptor Magnetotermico 70 Amp al Proveedor Mayorista en Tienda Náutica Online Nova Argonautica .Interruptor Magnetotermico 70 Amp, Interruptor Magnetotermico 70 Amp., Magneto termico para embarcaciones, Magneto-thermal. Do not need fuses. Can bear for some seconds up to 50 % more of the maximum charge. Switch-off immediately in case of short circuit. Can switch on again only when failure has been refitted. Dims. mm. 63x64x19.interruptor magnetotermico 70 amp..

97.04€ 82.48€ Sin Iva: 82.48€