Caja Estanca Explorer color naranja 410x340x205 cm

Caja Estanca Explorer color naranja 410x340x205 cm

Caja Estanca Explorer, color naranja 410x340x205 cm Waterproof, floating, indestructible cases. Made with a special high thickness plastic resin, exceptionally resistant to shocks and corrosion.

Neoprene gaskets protect from water, dust and other elements. High resistance lock for a perfect hermetic seal, predisposed to padlock.

Reinforced ergonomic handle. Manual pressurization valve.

This allows using them in extreme conditions, in the marine, aeronautic and military sector, to keep with maximum safety electronic, photographic, technical, medical, etc. equipments.

The interior stuffing made of sponge cut in cubes, easy to shape, can make safe to measure housings for any object to keep.

Use temperature from -33° to 90°C.

Meet IP67 ヨ Defence standard 81-41. Stanag 4280 Direction 2002/95/EC.

  • 144.66€

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